July 4, 2015

Alpha 10 - iteration#04: (big screenshot) A View of the SPM design document

Just to show you what is the SPM Matrix, I did a screenshot.

The file is a bit big, even in JPEG, sorry in advance (and sorry because Blogger has resized the picture in full screen...):

As you can see, the influence matrix of the Socio-Political Matrix is a big name for something simple.
It is in fact an array of modifiers, that are taken in account regarding specific memes and policies are accepted by the population or enforced.

All in green are the definitive modifiers.

The process is a bit complicated because I must stay objective, whatever my own ideologies as a human being. But I think it is worth it.

On the right part are some details of some memes and policies.

In the process I will also add 5 new SPM items; 5 memes and 2 policies. The short list is the following:
For the memes:
  •  Nuclear Fear.
  • Planetary Chauvinism.
  • Spirit of Entitlement.
For the policies:
  • Emotion Erasing
  • Universal Cancer Cure.
In total, at the time of the release there will be 22 memes and 25 policies. Not a lot, but it takes shape.
I will add some more in the future.

My sources of inspiration are found in tabletop RPGs, and especially for the SPM the one called Transhuman Space. There is a ton of ideas and information about memes.
I also read many scenarii and sourcebooks from other tabletop RPGs, especially; Traveller, Megatraveller, 2300AD, MEGA, Spacemaster, Empire Galactique (Galactic Empire), and some others.

I try to bust my old bottom to finally complete that.

That's all, stay tuned and thanks for your interest!

July 3, 2015

Alpha 10 - iteration#04: Delays, Delays + Overhaul of the Influence Matrix

As usual I am late...

The overhaul of the matrix of influence between all the policies and memes takes time, but the progression is made; I finally began to update the XML file of these items (not uploaded on GitHub yet).

Once done, I will continue my work on the code about the policies enforcement and memes progression, so, with additional code audit and completion of these parts of the system.

I don't want to release this iteration with the SPM not completed, because it is the goal of this iteration itself!

After this one, in the next iteration I will work on the production system. I planned previously an iteration for new assets, but I take too much time in additional code and design.

I prefer to complete the basic game systems first and I will take time to, finally, working on the assets of the game (new factions, planetary systems, infrastructures, events, messages and so on...)

This damned time balance and my lazyness :)

Stay tuned.

June 8, 2015

Alpha 10 - iteration#04: Completion Star Control Rules + Related Interface [incl. Screenshot]

The rules for control of a star are 100% done.

The changes into the interface to display the state of control of the star currently selected into the 3D view, are completed.

I even made some change in how the informations, about the current stellar system and current star, are displayed...

Yes, a bit more clear and better, isn't it? I tweaked a saved game file to force the control of this star and have it contested with the only, for now, non-player faction of the game.

The top left is the name of the star, on its right with more squared and smaller font is the name of the stellar system. It is the same in the case of Epsilon Eridani, but can be different for stellar systems with 2 or 3 stars.
The font of the star name is of the same modulated color than the light color of the star itself, and change acccording to the type of the star.

I also moved the CPS panel to another position.

Beside all that I updated many small changes like; new encyclopedia topic (The Universe) and entries, put all the OpenGL HUD objects compliant with the dynamic font system, reinstated the mouse clicking of certain HUD elements in the 3D view with hotlinking to the encyclopedia and finally fixed a bug that prevented the correct display of many texts in the game.

Now let's move on into the code audit, refactoring and expansion of the rest of the SPM.

Stay tuned.

June 1, 2015


Sometime writing your own stuff show how silly it was.
I'm sorry, I go to change Star System with simply Star, as I did in the start of the development.

Even simpler like that.

Sorry again :)