May 3, 2016

Alpha 10 - iteration #07: Orbital Object Panel (WIP) Screenshots

Here are two WIP screenshots:

The first one with the panel standard size (subject to change):

The second one after a resize:

Icons on the surface and the area are autmatically updated.

Of course it is a work-in-progress, so not finished yet.
You can also see now that all the basic colony's data have their icons now. Hovering each one with the mouse display a hint with only the icon's name, for now. I will exapnd the display.

Resources icons + data will be displayed in the area under the surface map.

May 1, 2016

Alpha 10 - iteration #07: Graphics and Colony Panel Overhaul.

All of the ten basic data of a colony have now icons and hints are linked to them.
So the descriptive text has been removed for each data and each hint will provide some additional informations like the bonus and penalties applied to each data.

10 icons have been added into the game.

I cannot show you a screenshot yet because I'm working now on the overhaul of the panel, and it is a bit of a mess.
This overhaul is about the merging of the Surface and Colony panels into one, more manageable. Disposition of the interface elements will change a bit and even more icons will be displayed with the resources, in a cleaner and more integrated way.
The player will be also able to resize the panel (and save the size and position of it).
The surface panel is at this time already removed, but its elements are now transfered into the colony panel, which is already renamed into Orbital Object Panel or OOP.

I will need some time to complete it but it will be worthwhile... I guess.

Once done I will post a screenshot and I will work on the interface about the infrastructure and their assembling and building.

Stay tuned.

April 27, 2016

Alpha 10 - iteration #07: Fixes and Graphics

For now some fixes have been applied, like the one which prevent the crash of FARC when the window of the game loading/saving is invoked and there are no game saved (with no game directories present).
Also, the configuration and saved games are now located into the appdata/roaming folder

I also added a meme, Spirit of Entitlement, to the game and since yesterday night I'm working on graphics research for the first pass of update of the Colony Panel; icons to illustrate the colony's data (like Cohesion, Instruction, Energy Stored, Reserves and so on).
Less text and more graphics is always better. I will use of HTML hints to gives more information for the player. Like what we can see in the Europa Universalis game, in a less pretty and AAA version :)

I found all of them yesterday, thanks to the people to and other sources. I will need to work them a bit and will implement them shortly.

There will be many changes that will be applied to this panel, and not only for the infrastructures; like the one I think about, with the merging the two panels (the colony and surface ones) into a single one, to change of the size of the surface map for a biggger one and to make it sizeable friendly to accomodate people with high resolution screens.

I try to make it less cluttered with data, but FARC is what it is, a sorta of game with a lot of data so there is always a limit. And it is out of question to dumb it down anyway. Just making this beast a bit more easy to the eyes :)

That's all for now, stay tuned.

April 25, 2016

Alpha 10 - iteration #06: Word of Warning

Just a notice to inform that the configuration file from the previous versions isn't compatible anymore.

If you have an error message at the application start, just remove the config.xml in your MyDocuments/farcolony  dir. The game will generate a new one.

Sorry for the trouble.